The illusion of perspective is given by the use of different materials: the pure silk on the top, then the silk and wool mixed lying on a pure wool ground.

This association can give, depending on the lights, a feeling of layers and thus a depth sensation.
Dimensions /
Bespoke sizes
Diurne specialize in creating luxury bespoke custom textures and designs for retail and trade rugs. 

Diurne offers collections as proposals, concepts that their CAD studio customize to the individual client. The Studio is constantly redesigning the existing to create a unique and ideal model, truly bespoke for its place of destination.

And to allow clients to see their rug before it is woven, the Studio transposes with great care and attention to details, perfect rendering of the proposed project.

Outdoor Perennial custom rugs available for pool-side, yachts and terraces. 

Diurne produces according to this ideal: each rug is a unique piece of work.

Luxury results from this singularity, the material, and above all, it is the involvement of an artisan, his deep willingness to achieve a great object.