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The collection Kimono associates and confronts various effects of weaving, material and finishing of the rugs: sections of wool, sections of silk, mixing of wool and silk, mixing of colours, loop and cut piles, slight or strong carving.

Each design is a combination comparable to the one imagined by a gardener, with the stone, the flower and the water.
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Bespoke sizes
Marcel Zelanovitch devotes a great deal of his time to designing rugs. The unique materials of rugs woven with Tibetan knots and wools, hand spun, then hand dyed, have been his inspiration for numerous collections. Each one highlights the essence of the materials and the weaving.

Drawing on the language of hand-crafted rugs, he regards his work like that of a painter who appropriates the materials and techniques to create "his" particular effects.

After discovering this process in the early 80's, he opened the Diurne Gallery in 1982 where he features his work. Once the business started to become successful, he set up his own workshop in Kathmandu which gives him the opportunity to develop special wool settings and yarn washings, leading him to create a variety of new proposals.

Marcel Zelmanovitch has realized numerous projects, and some of the most important interior designers have been placing their confidence in him through regular collaborations.