Tapestries in the traditional Aubusson flat weave.

Bespoke sizes, compositions, colour ways and patterns available.

Diurne's craftsmen can weave more than fifteen different qualities, offering multiple visual and sensual effects, playing with the density of the weaving and the finishing techniques.

This choice impacts the appearance of the rug, by giving a specific texture and light to the rug. It also influences the strength of the object and its technical features.

Dimensions /
Bespoke sizes
Marcel Zelmanovitch dedicates an important part of his work to textile creation.

For this series, he has chosen tapestries in the traditional Aubusson flat weave.

By fixing his creations on a timeless medium of ancient know-how, they attain the profoundness aimed for, through the hand-weaving and the use of wool and silk.

Each comparison of the series' models subtends entities of fluid, fine and clear-cut lines to others with uneven and cloudy lines with vague contours. The tension between the two elements is emphasized by the white background and the contrast of wool and silk.

The entire weaving process of these tapestries is done by hand while the wool and silk dyes are achieved by using modern techniques allowing a great precision.

The "Serie 26" consists of 9 models, each one will be woven in a limited edition of 8 items.

The artist allows for a change in size, while the proportions, the colours and the design must be respected.