GamFratesi designed the Epic Coffee Table as a sculptural piece of furniture inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture and named after the epic poems of ancient times.
Made in Italy from travertine stone, it emphasizes the materiality of the stone, the natural beauty of its veins, and the vibrant texture of its unique patina.

The table combines two simple geometric shapes, the circle and the hexagon, with references to the classical Greek column.

The varying heights and diameters within the Epic Table Series mean a single  table can stand alone or be combined in dynamic clusters of varying height and color. The Epic Coffee Table is available in 60, 80 and 110 cm diameters.
Dimensions /
110 dia. x 34H cm

Size Options:
80 Dia. x 38H cm
110 Dia. x 34H cm

White Travertine.
Grey Travertine.
Red Travertine.