Design for Van Rossum

This table is unique in its cleanliness, in its naked perfection. Although the WEDGE seems kind of light and floaty, there is some heavy craftmanship in it. Eighth degree angles characterize the design and can be discovered in unexpected places, not only in the wedge-shaped legs. The top runs from a thick center to thinner sides and widens from the back to the front (or vice versa)
Great details form a smooth blend that fits with the different applications such a table can have: sometimes you want to be close to your conversation partner, while you can use more space at other moments. One leg seems to have taken a quarter turn making for a more playful design and less rigidity or restriction. The WEDGE is flexible, like the way we live.

Dimensions /
280 x 100 x 75

Wood available in all standard Van Rossum colours or in a matching finish to customers own sample.

Custom dimensions available.