Origianally designed for his own home as a lounge chair he could also use for meditation, the MR01 Chair by woodworker Mathias Steen Rasmussen unites tradition craftsmanship with original idea in a simple form that is at once familiar and yet strikingly modern.

Th seat and backrest are hand-woven from 90m of rope, using a method which locks the rope ino the frame. The entire chair is contructed without a single nail.
The chair will acquire a pleasing patina as it ages, giving it a sustainability that the designer was keen to cultivate.
Dimensions /
88h x 65 x 69 cm
Backrest height: 55 cm
Backrest width: 60 cm
Total Depth (frame): 88 cm
Seat depth: 55 cm
Total Frame Size: 88 x 65 x 69 cm

Frame: Walnut or Oak finished with oil
Rope: Natural linen with sei-elastic anti-deformaition core.