Base, brass with patina Bronze Medaille
Available in COM or COL
Made in France
Dimensions /
L240 X W118 X H82CM SH44 AH56CM (Other sizes available)
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It is from his origins in Dieppe, and his fascination for the sea and the milky alabaster of the coastline that Bruno Moinard developed his love for light, for strong, simple lines, transparency and the essence of things. A graduate of the French National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, he began his career in 1979 with several prestigious collaborations, notably within the agency Ecart International, founded by Andree Putman, before leaving in 1995 to found his own agency, 4BI. Minimalism with warmth, simplicity without austerity, elegance and timelessness: it is around these qualities that the work of Bruno Moinard is defined. And also around a certain approach to luxury, a focus on things that consists of softening the effects, making the behind-the-scenes elements precious, abounding in the art of detail and finish. 

Creating new spaces while giving a new reading to others, the creations of 4BI are bespoke works wrought to retranslate references to the past while still remaining contemporary, to bring warmth to the minimalist interior, to cultivate the art of simplicity, to pay close attention to clients while remaining in the background. Far from being ascetic, it carries with it a dream of things.

For here, minimalism is always full of meaning, and returned to human scale. For his apartments and privae houses, grand hotels, luxury stores, public spaces, scenographies and cultural spaces, Bruno Moinard puts as much heart and passion into the working of light, the key to everything, as to the choice of noble materials, including wood, leather, marble, delicate woven and bronze.

This is equally true of the furniture he designed for the Italian companies Promemoria and Interna, for Ecart International, Chevalier Editions, and for his collection for Bruno Moinard Editions.
Available as follows:

L240 X W118 X H82CM SH44 AH56CM Sofa
L200 X W108 X H82CM SH44 AH60CM Sofa
L150 X W100 X H82CM SH44 AH60CM Armchair
L120 X W90 X H82CM SH44 AH60CM Armchair
L80 X W50 X H42CM Ottoman
L52 X W42 X H45CM Stool
L74 X W57 X H77CM SH45 AH64CM Chair - Lacquered beech or Stained beech feet
L70 X W65 X H85CM SH45 AH63.5CM Bridge - Stained beech feet
L80 X W67.5 X H80CM SH44 AH63.5CM Bergere - Lacquered beech feet