Terms & Conditions


A 50% deposit is required to confirm all orders.  Purchase orders will be put through to the manufacturer upon receipt of this 50% deposit.  Lead time for manufacturing commences only when: a) this deposit is received and cleared; and b) fabrics for COM orders have been received at the factory.

Clients will receive a copy of the order as confirmation.  This order copy will contain information on: model, dimensions, price, fabric, and wood finish.  It is the client’s responsibility to verify all of these details and to contact us within 15 business days of any errors.

Clients may cancel an order within 10 working days of the date on the order confirmation.  Gotham will fully refund the deposit.  Any new orders cancelled between 10 and 25 working days after the date the order has been placed will be refunded 75% of the deposit.  Gotham will not grant any refunds after 25 working days.

The final balance is due prior to delivery of the goods.  Clients will receive written confirmation of when their order will be available as well as the final balance due once we have received a confirmed ship date from our factory (usually 5 days prior to the goods arriving in the UK).  Gotham will notify clients to arrange a convenient delivery day and time. 

Gotham retains the title to all merchandise sold, even after delivery, until payment in full.  Any late payments will incur interest charges after 15 days at a rate of 1.5% per month.


The most effective method of payment is a direct transfer. However, Gotham of course accepts payment by cheque and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


The typical delivery lead-time is 12-14 weeks manufacturing.  The clock begins upon either receipt of deposit and/or receipt of fabric at the specified factory (which ever is later).  Delivery lead times are not binding, as Gotham is wholly dependent on other suppliers. 

While Gotham makes every effort to keep clients informed about lead time, we cannot be held accountable for factory turn around times and will not provide discounts on delayed items.  Please note: Gotham is notified at the time an item is leaving the factory and not until then. Our manufacturers do not have queuing systems in their factory and therefore we are unable to provide accurate information on where items are in production queue and what that means for delivery dates.

In the event of a delay beyond the 12-16 week quoted lead-time, no rescission or cancellation is valid unless the client provides written confirmation.  Gotham will have 15 days from receipt of this written confirmation to make delivery.  Clients may not give notice of default before these 15 days. Deposits will not be refunded for orders cancelled due to lateness.


Custom orders will be quoted on a case-by-case basis with respect to both pricing, delivery and lead times. Please note that custom orders tend to increase lead times. 

Gotham will advise the client on the feasibility of custom requests.  However, it is the client’s ultimate decision to proceed and the client will be accountable for the look of the finished product.

Custom orders (dimensions, wood finishes, fills) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Prices are exclusive of VAT. Shipping, local delivery and installation are quoted on a case by case basis and Gotham is happy to provide quotes.

The prices listed in this catalogue are subject to change.  Gotham will endeavor to notify all key clients of price increases.  Quoted prices will be honoured throughout the duration of a contract (from initial deposit to delivery).

However, pricing remains at Gotham’s discretion. 


Gotham employs a vetted delivery company with experience in installing fine furniture and antiques.  Delivery costs include the assembly and installation of all pieces within a room, as well as the removal of all packing materials.  Should clients choose to use their own delivery service, Gotham cannot be held accountable for either the condition of the piece ordered or to any damage that occurs to the piece on installation.


Goods are inspected twice, prior to leaving the factory and upon installation.  Clients must examine all newly installed pieces for damage and to register any issues, in writing, within 48 hours of receipt of the piece. Gotham will not provide any refunds or discounts for damage reported after this 48-hour period. No items may be returned without prior consent of Gotham. 

When a claim of damage is reported, a representative from Gotham will inspect the piece.  We will make a judgment regarding whether a claim is justified.   Gotham will make every effort to ensure that damaged items are repaired, or, if necessary, replaced.   However, Gotham cannot be held accountable for damage not reported immediately. Gotham will not be liable for replacing pieces that can be repaired locally.
In the event that an item needs to be replaced, Gotham will allow this item to remain at a client’s home.  It is expected that the item will be kept in the same condition as when it was delivered.  If incremental damage is incurred due to use of the table, Gotham will charge the client, at cost, for any fees incurred to repair additional damage.
Gotham’s primary brands work with natural products with variance in colour and grain.  Our manufacturers make every effort to ensure that wood and leather samples are as accurate as possible.  However, the manufacturer cannot guarantee exact conformity to colour samples as they use natural materials and hand craftsmanship.
All product dimensions stated in our documents, catalogues, brochures, websites, etc are subject to tolerances.  It is incumbent on the client to consult Gotham in the case of special requirements or tight tolerances. 


All wood furniture pieces are hand finished.  High gloss finishes receiving multiple iterations of spraying and sanding. There are tiny lines within the high gloss finish that are the result of this process.  Matt finishes are subject to slight surface marks that become part of the table’s patina over time. 

For cleaning, we recommend only a damp cloth, as bee’s wax and polishes tend to dull and damage the finish of all fine furniture over time.

Gotham cannot be held accountable for damage to furniture in situ as we have no visibility of how pieces are being treated day to day.  However, we will endeavor to provide advice on the maintenance and/or repair of pieces.


Production lead-time begins when fabrics are received at the appropriate factory.  We will provide clients with the necessary information.  All COM orders must be tagged with both Gotham’s customer number and the manufacturer’s confirmation number (to be provided by Gotham).  Clients shipping their own fabric directly are responsible for confirming when the fabric was received and notifying Gotham.  Gotham will not be responsible for tracking fabric provided by clients.

Gotham will endeavor to advise all clients on the suitability of different fabrics to particular furniture items.  Gotham will not be held accountable for any damage or upholstery issues with fabrics provided on a COM (customer’s own materials) basis.

If one of our manufacturers deems a fabric damaged or unsuitable, we will notify the client immediately to make another choice.  Changes in fabric will cause a delay in delivery time.  If the client chooses to cancel an order due to fabric issues, a penalty charge of 50% of the value of the cancelled item will be charged.


Gotham shall not be liable for not delivering goods if delivery is prevented by force majeure, unforeseen delay in delivery of raw materials, or defective deliveries by its suppliers or service providers.  Clients cannot require from Gotham either shipment on the previously confirmed date or indemnification.

Force majeure is defined as:

  • Fire, theft, flood or any other accident causing the destruction of the business or its inventories or supplies or interruption of its operation on whole or in part—e.g. strike or lockout, regardless of whether such action is attributable to the company or its employees
  • Lack of power or raw materials due to a genera cause, such as interruption of transport, power cuts, breakdown of motors, or any other causes suspending operation of factories which are beyond Gotham’s control
  • Default of the manufacturer’s suppliers.


The designs of the furniture represented by Gotham are the property of the manufacturer.  Copying will be prosecuted.


Gotham is happy to store goods for two weeks at no cost. After this time appropriate storage charges will apply based on volume of goods stored. We can also recommend a storage facility or can transfer goods to your selected facility.